What is fun, innovative, relaxing, and inspirational?

Why, the wine experience at Vine & Barley Stuart of course. Shout it high, low, to, and fro that your glass is as full and as empty as you want it to be. A taste just to be sure, a half-glass to decide, and a full glass to relish – all are yours to be had at the touch of a finger. The power truly is in your hands. No one wants a full glass of a wine they don't like and at Vine & Barley Stuart you don't have to suffer this all-too-common drinker's tragedy. With over 50 wines to choose from there can be no losers, only winners, as you explore with glass in hand, tastes starting at just over $1 and full pours starting at $4.80.


For the discerning connoisseur in all of us, the State-of-the Art Wine Dispensing System at Vine & Barley Stuart features wine served in a controlled environment.


Cellar temperature?  Check. Freshness? Check.


Because our unique Enomatic system utilizes a revolutionary inert gas preservation system, the bottle of wine is essentially frozen in time (figuratively speaking) once it is opened. Good as new for so long as the bottle lasts which is wholly up to you, our wonderful patrons. Worried the inert gas will alter the wine? Fear not, drink, and be merry.

Wine can make the scholarly individual ramble in nonsensical pretentiousness. Here all that nonsensical pomp is left at the door, leaving only a pleasurable sophisticated social atmosphere for all to share,.  So... what are you waiting for?

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